Recipes I Want To Try This Christmas!

Any of my regular readers will already know that I love baking and cooking, and baking and cooking around the Christmas season is even better! This year though, having made the switch to eating a vegan diet, a lot of my usuals are off the menu which only gives me an excuse to try new recipes! So, here are 5 vegan recipes that I want to try this Christmas!

To get started with one of the things that worried me most about being vegan during winter, theres this Hot Chocolate recipes from Lauren Caris Cooks showing three different ways to make a delicious vegan hot chocolate and I can’t wait to give one (or all three) ago now that the nights are so cold.

The next thing I want to give a go is by Made By Luci and its this incredible looking Christmas Rocky Road. I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of any kind of rocky road but Rich absolutely adores it and since I refuse to bake with none vegan ingredients I’m sure he’ll be happy that I’ve compromised to make him something he’ll adore either way.

Have you ever gone an entire Christmas without eating a mince pie?? I’m pretty sure I haven’t and I don’t intend this to be my first so I’m beyond glad to have found this mince pie recipe from The Veg Space. I especially hope these are nice because Rich doesn’t like mince pies so I might just get them all to myself.

Finally, as someone who spent several Christmases just a few miles away from the German border some lebkuchen are one of my favourite things about Christmas and they’re hard enough to find in the UK as it is, never mind making sure they’re vegan. You can gather that all this means I will be using this recipe from Natural Kitchen Adventures more than once before this year is done.

Do you think you might give any of these recipes ago or do you know any others I might like to try?



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