My Mantel!

This is the first year that I’ve had my own mantel to decorate, which has been so much fun! Growing up it seemed like every Christmas film featured a mantel with stockings hanging from it and I always desperately wanted to be able to do it, and now that I have I find it so cute and I’m so happy with how festive and cosy it looks!

I also hung fairy lights along the front, and from them I strung some dried orange slices and some golden salt dough stars. Stars have been a big part of my Christmas decorating ‘theme’ this year, I just really love anything to do with space and Christmas is a great excuse to just hang stars all over my house.

Having stockings for the cats is something I’ve found really fun too, I try to get them as involved in Christmas as cats possible can so I can’t wait to help them look through their stockings on Christmas morning to find all the treats and toys I’ve picked up for them!



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