Christmas Is Difficult.

I’ve taken a little break from Blogmas and I feel awful about it but it was dragging me down and I was getting so anxious about getting a post up I considered cancelling social events and was basically just getting way too stressed about something thats supposed to be fun.

Kiah’s post yesterday (it was great, go read it!) talked about her mental health during this festive time and I really want to do the same. So much of Christmas this year has felt like a tightness in my chest thinking about spending money I don’t have on people, or not being able to have a nice time myself because I’d spent all my money on other people and suddenly its the 21st and I’ve barely enjoyed any of December.

Blogmas has felt like constantly having to come up with festive blog post after festive blog post when I’m barely in the mood myself, and although some of those posts really lifted my spirits a lot of them just made me anxious and snappy to the people around me and its just not worth it. Most peoples mental health declines around this time of year as it is and I know mine definitely has, so if stopping Blogmas will help that thats what I’m doing. I’m still going to do a couple more posts and I might back schedule some so it looks like I managed to keep up, but I’m just going to go easy on myself and try to enjoy the rest of December and especially the rest of Christmas!

Remember to be kind to yourself for the rest of this year, if something is bothering you and you can change that you should.



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