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God jul!

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My first vegan Christmas dinner went so well! It was delicious, even Rich who is very not vegan enjoyed it! I was worried I’d be a bit jealous seeing my family eat all the delicious food that I choose not to eat for moral reasons but I enjoyed my own food so much I barely even noticed they were eating!

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Christmas has been great

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This is one of my all time favourite pictures of me and Rich, we take a picture in front of the big tree in town every year and I just think this year we’ve grown so much more into ourselves, we had such a lovely day, and I think we both look so happy.

On boxing day Rich took me into town on a date to get vegan pizza hut, it was delicious and we had a really chill day. It was lovely getting to spend the whole of christmas together for the first year and I hope we do something similar again next year.

Its SO difficult to see friends over christmas while everyone is spending time with family, and I totally get that I’m not complaining, but BOY did I miss Ellie in the week I didn’t get to see her.

A sneak peak at my bullet journal! I am going to start doing real posts about this so I dont want to show you too much!

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Happy new year!

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I got to spend New Years eve with most of my favourite people and it was glorious! A few friends couldn’t make it because of work and other parties which was a shame but we had a great time and it was so amazing welcoming in the new year surrounded by people I love! A lot of laughs were had, not to mention a few hangovers.



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