What Country Is Next On Your Bucket List?

We’ve all got a bucket list, and if you haven’t, you should really think about making one. There’s so many amazing different countries out there for you to visit that you might not have even considered. Open your mind when it comes to travelling destinations, and travel will in turn open your mind further. When it comes to writing a bucket list, put a few destinations on there that you wouldn’t usually consider. For example, if you’re a sunny beach holiday person, but a winter destination on there and see where the wind takes you. You’ll be surprised at how much a change in holiday type will broaden your mind. So, to help you fill that bucket list with ideas, here are some holiday destinations we think you should be trying.

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Santorini really should be on any of your bucket lists, purely because of how absolutely stunning the island is. A small Greek island with a hell of a lot of character. A lot of people associate it when the pearly white houses with the blue tops rising up the cliffs, which is exactly what should define Santorini. Some of the accommodation you can find is amazing, and the views they offer are even better. If money allows, you can find ones that have an infinity pool overlooking the sea, it truly does create a magical moment. The island is pretty small, and there isn’t as much to do as there is on the more commercial Greek islands such as Rhodes or Kos. But you can rent mopeds and go exploring, and the food over there is amazing. You can be eating traditional Greek tapas one day, or tucking into a kebab like no other the next. The weather in the summer is amazing as well!


Meribel is a well established ski village in the French Alps that you really should be considering heading to. Remember we said if you’re a sunny beach destination kind of person, well this is how you need to try something different. A skiing/snowboarding holiday is just so much more fun than you’ll ever realise, especially if you’re going with your friends. Some of the accomodation out there is to die for as well. A lot of the lodges are luxury, such as the Luxury Chalet Zybeline, that will leave you feeling like a king or queen when you walk into it. Even if you’re going with a family, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. It doesn’t take too long to get the hang of either sport either, and there should be local facilities in your area where you can take classes beforehand.  The only extra expense you’ll have to pay out for is buying the equipment you’re going to use, but once you’ve bought it you can use it for years to come! The food out there is amazing as well, and the restaurants you’ll find often offer amazing views that you just won’t get anywhere else. There are plenty of bars to keep you entertained when the night is upon you as well!

Rome is probably one of the best city breaks you’ll ever do. There’s absolutely so much to do there, and so much history to see. Even if you’re not a big history person, you’ll still be left in awe looking around some of the monuments there are. If you stay in a pretty central location, such as by the Spanish Steps, you’ll be well within walking distance of everything as long as you don’t mind doing a bit of walking. But whilst you’re there you’re constantly looking at so many different things that you’ll forget how long you have been walking for! The main thing people rave about when they go to Rome is the amazing food. If you love Italian food, you’re going to be in absolute awe with every place you go into. They cook traditional food that will taste like nothing any other country will be able to produce. Some of the accommodation you can find is amazing, with views of the city to be seen for miles. You’ll often find that the holiday itself isn’t that expensive to purchase, but if you want to do everything whilst you’re there you might be spending a little bit of extra cash. But there are other city breaks out there that are more expensive that this one. Any time of year you go to Rome is amazing, the summer you’ll get the better weather, but it will be packed. If you go around this time of year the weather will still be really sunny, just a tad cold.



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