An Instagram Update!

Last year I really enjoyed doing weekly update posts and I see it as a really big achievement that I managed to do it weekly. I intended to do it again this year but wouldn’t you guess it my laptop broke on January 1st and I’ve only recently gotten a new one, so I thought about it for a while and have decided that this year I’d rather do a monthly one with only the pictures I think are important, both because some of the pictures I post are purely aesthetic and don’t have meaning and because I feel like it’ll leave me more time to create content that is more interesting and fun for me to make!

I already told you my laptop decided the first day of a new year was the perfect time to give up on life, and it just happened that I had just started to think of writing a novel idea I had. Usually my laptop breaking would be the perfect excuse to not write or do anything productive but I decided that with it being a new year I wasn’t going to stop being productive just because of an inconvenience and continued writing on my typewriter. I don’t know if this idea will go anywhere or become anything but I’m proud of myself for overcoming an obstacle no matter how small and first world-y.

In 2017 I actually managed to make friends (?!?!!??) and I had a few of them over to my house to bring in the new year together. Unfortunately not everyone could make it but it was still such a great night and the first time I’ve bought in the new year with friends! I know new years don’t really mean anything and I don’t really get into the whole ‘new year new me’ thing but I feel like welcoming the new year with people I love around me laughing and drinking and having fun was definitely some kind of good omen.

This year me and Rich will be celebrating five years together and I can’t believe how quickly its flown past. We have had our rocky patches for sure and we’re in no way a perfect couple but I’m so glad to have his never ending love and support. It’s always exciting to spend holidays together and do special things but being in a relationship where every day I’m excited to just see him is honestly amazing and I think we’re going to have such a lovely future together.

I’ve dyed my hair and redecorated my bedroom! I’ve always been the kind of person to cover my room in posters and pictures and really turn it into my space but when we moved into this house I wanted our room to be more ‘mature’ and ‘adult’ which I apparently took to mean incredibly boring, dull and not a place I want to spend time in. Having re done it I feel so much better spending time in my bedroom and I feel like it helps to put me in the mood to go to bed earlier.

My hair has been annoying me for years, cutting and dyeing it properly has been honestly so freeing. I’ve been dying it blue for a while but the brand I was using didn’t take to my hair too well, so I tried a new one and ta-da! It looks just how I always wanted it to. I feel so much more confident in how I look now that I actually like how I look (my hair at least, everything else is a whole different story!) and just all round feel a bit better about myself.

And continuing from the last two posts, heres a picture of me with no make up on! I don’t often post selfies without any make up on, but a mixture of feeling good about my hair and Rich constantly giving me the validation I require to function as a human makes me feel like I look pretty darn cute in this picture.

Taking out fit pictures like this is really new for me because I’ve spent as long as I can remember hating the way my body looks. I want to talk more about body image and the like on my blog this year so I don’t want to go too into it, but changing my hair, losing a little weight and getting some new clothes I really love has well and truly boosted my confidence.

Finally a picture of baby me! I used to have to wear a lot of my brothers hand me downs, and I realised recently that thats probably why from the time I got my own money as a teen I’ve ‘experimented’ with fashion and the way I dress. I had a little patch between 16 and 18 where I tried to dress ‘normally’ and really didn’t enjoy it. I like to wear things that make me like the way I look and I’m aware that this often results in wearing something that a lot of people would call weird, I just don’t really care all that much anymore. I just want to feel like I look good I don’t really mind if other people don’t think I do.



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