Lets Talk About Weed

I’m gonna start this one with a little disclaimer thing and say I am in no way encouraging people to buy, use, sell or do anything else with weed, marijuana, cannabis or anything else you want to call it. I’m purely using this post to share my experience and knowledge about weed because I’ve seen so many blog posts floating around lately written by people, I’m sorry, but who have obviously only had it once or twice and don’t know much about it and as some one who really thinks it should be legalised I get super annoyed when ‘fake facts’ get spread around.

With that out of the way, lets get to the fun bit and actually talk about weed! Since this post is mostly aimed at newbies I’ll start by talking about how you actually get the sweet THC (thats the thing in it that gets you high) into your system. In the most basic of ways, you either smoke it or eat it. You can do both of these in different ways. Bongs, pipes or joints (also known as spliffs, doobies, and so many other names) are how you’d normally smoke it, and this is where people usually get most creative. Smoking weed through a carrot is one way to spend an evening after all. To eat weed you have to go through a whole process and bind the THC with fat, so its usually made into an oil, butter or cream/milk and then baked into whatever creation from there. The most common way to eat weed is space cakes. Please don’t call them ‘space cake’. They’re either space cakes or space cake. If you’re new to weed no one will be mean if you get some sort of slang a bit wrong, but we will all cringe inside.

Always be careful with eating your weed though, you can go white pretty quick (this is explained further down) because it takes longer to get into your system since you have to digest it first. This means you go ‘hey! I’m not high yet I’ll eat some more!’ and then an hour later it all kicks in and you’re very very very very very high.

So you’ve got some weed into your system, what now? Now is when you sit back, relax and eat. The munchies are one of the few things that are portrayed in main stream movies that are actually 100% real, don’t expect any other part of the high to be similar unless you’ve watched stoner movies like Harold and Kumar or Cheech and Chong (both are excellent when high and I would strongly recommend). For me and some of my friends, lights seem a lot prettier while you’re high, everything is funny and you tend to just have a great time while doing nothing. Honestly watching people get high for the first time is so great, almost everyone is a little nervous to give it a go and seeing that fade away for them to just have a great time is brilliant.

If you have anxiety like me, being high is kind of weird but great because for most people the anxiety fades a lot or even goes away while they’re high. I also know people who have tried weed to help with chronic pain or general pains and they’ve found its really helped relieve some of the pain, but since I’m lucky enough to not have any pain unless I’ve managed to injure myself (the coffee table is just so easy to trip over!) I really notice any physical changes bought on by weed.

How many times do you think the word ‘weed’ is in this post?

I’m not gonna lie and pretend weed is great for everyone, we’ve all seen things about how it can ’cause’ schizophrenia and I’m not gonna pretend I’m some kind of doctor, I have no facts on this only opinions so if you think thats possible for you, I’d suggest not giving it a go. Paranoia can also come along with weed but if you’re in a place with good vibes with people that bring good conversation you’ll be fine. Plus, unlike some other drugs like LSD your first time getting high pretty much tells you how the rest will be, ‘bad trips’ don’t happen with weed because you’re not tripping, its a pretty minor high though it can feel a lot and unless theres something in there that shouldn’t be, you won’t hallucinate either. Though for most people colours and lights are a little more bright and vivid, in a good way.

Theres also the chance of ‘going white’. This is called different things around the world, but thats what we call it in the UK and it basically means you have too much weed in your system. You can’t overdose on weed, which is great, but it means that your body doesn’t know what to do with it all, you feel shaky and sick and all in all just awful. It usually goes away with in an hour or two but its definitely not the nicest experience. I’ve known people who have experienced this and its made the decide to not try weed again, which is totally fair. For some its worse than others, personally I just end up feeling nauseous and light headed for 40 minutes and then I’m fine.

Like all good things, the high finishes eventually but theres no ‘come down’ like with some drugs. It really just fades away without you noticing and then you’re fully sober. You might end up sleeping a bit longer than usual or going to bed early but its definitely not a come down. The down side of this though is if you, like myself, have anxiety, all those anxious feelings come back once you’re not high anymore and because you’ve spent however long completely relaxed it can feel like a lot. I promise though, its just your normal level of anxiety and you’ll get used to it in an hour or two, it just feels so intense because you’ve been free.

In the coming weeks I’d like to talk about weed more, I really think it should be legalised and I feel like the best way to encourage that is to talk about it more. It’s healthier than alcohol, has less side affects (and less dangerous!) than most prescription drugs and yet its illegal??! I have some opinions.



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