Sunday Support!

I’ve decided to start a new series on Sundays since I’m only doing my instagram update monthly now but I really enjoy having a chill blogging session on a Sunday. I’m going to use this to offer support and promotion to people I think are doing or creating cool stuff. Fingers crossed this will be all sorts of stuff from art to music to bloggers and I really hope my readers like this idea as much as I do!

This weeks is about The Nerdsmith pins. I love enamel badges and they’re such a huge trend right now while being able to add individuality to anything you own which I adore being able to do. An extra upside is that these amazing pins are designed by Rhi, a great friend of mine, and theres few things better than having friends that are amazing people who also do awesome stuff.

28450046_407713629667509_378798257_nIf you’re a lover of nerdy things you definitely need to keep an eye on Nersmith Pins, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Rick and Morty and even Studio Chibli are all currently involved in the pin designs and Rhi is having more ideas for cross overs and fun pins all the time. Not to mention they’re super original designs that she really puts so much effort into to make sure they’re absolutely perfect. Who doesn’t want amazing fandom art with the added ability of endless possibilities of things you can add them to?

Theres currently an Etsy store where you can pre-order some pins and also the kickstarter so that you can help get them into production and, depending how much you pledge, can also get the pins when they’re made. I love kick-starters, I really like being able to offer my support to smaller projects and knowing that I’ll get a high quality pin with a design I love looking at at the end of it is pretty great too!

28547323_407712099667662_1746812893_oIf you like the look of these pins as much as I do, make sure to give any of the links above a quick click. You can also visit The Nerdsmith instagramĀ and Facebook page to make sure you’re kept up to date with new designs, kick-starters and sales!



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