Fashion World Clothing Review!

One of the most exciting parts of blogging is having companies reach out wanting to work with you, and when wanted to send me some clothes of my choice, I couldn’t say no! Of course I need to do a little disclaimer and say that even though they did send me these clothes for free, I chose them and everything in this review is absolutely one hundred percent my own honest opinion. Now thats over with, lets get into it!

The Site

I think that every plus size girl (and likely most straight sized girls too) know how difficult it can be to imagine what an item of clothing will look like on you, and it was still difficult with Fashion World but I felt that the models and pictures they used were quite diverse so it wasn’t as difficult as it can be with some other sites. There were also a lot of pictures of most items so that you could really get a feel of what you were looking at.

The major thing I liked about the site was that it was really easy to filter the results and there were a lot of different choices when it came to the filters. A lot of sizes were out of stock, so i filtered it to only show items with my sizes in stock and it was still a huge selection. They also have sizes from an 8 to 34, and most items are available in that whole array of sizes which I just think is awesome considering how many times I’ve asked smaller friends or bloggers where something is from and known immediately it won’t be available in the plus size section.

I also think the styles of clothing is really great, I’ve often found with other plus size stores they just don’t have anything thats my style or anything I think most people my age would wear. Fashion World had a lot of stuff I really loved though, to the point where it was difficult to decide what I wanted, and I feel like theres really something for anyone of any age.

First Impression

Having tried all the clothes on less than an hour ago and not having even taken the pictures yet, now is the perfect time for my first impression of the clothes. Basically, I’m really impressed. I got everything in either a 22 or 24, my ‘actual’ size is usually a 20 or 22 but I prefer to wear things a little looser and more baggy so I sized up and honestly, I probably didn’t need to. The sizing is really brilliant and true to what I expected. I got the same jumpsuit twice in different colours, one in a 22 and one in a 24 and they both fit perfectly for what I wanted, and I think I probably could have gotten a 20 and had that fit well too.

A major highlight that I have NEVER experienced before is that the dresses look the same length at both the back and front on me. I think all plus size girls have had the struggle of putting on a dress, thinking it looks great and then seeing that its four inches shorter at the back than it is at the front. I have this issue a lot but not with any of the dresses I got from here. It feels like they’ve been designed for a plus size body rather than a straight sized body and then just made wider and I just love it.

The most important thing after the fit is, of course, the quality and my first impression is that all the items are really well made. The lace dress I was especially nervous about, I’ve had a few lace dresses in the past and ripped them all while trying them on but this one is fully intact. I was especially careful with it but the lace feels really thick and sturdy so I think it would have been fine regardless. I also had some worries about the mesh cami dress but that, too, is fully intact and feels quite sturdy despite how thin it is.

The jumpsuits were another slight worry, I haven’t had a jump suit since I was about 11 and even then I could head tiny tears happening as I pulled it up over my hips. These didn’t make a sound and slid on very easily. Of course, thats partially because I order everything bigger than I need, but they also have a slight stretch to them while still being very thick.


So, overall I would really thoroughly recommend Fashion world to anyone. They have an especially lovely range of dresses and jumpsuits for spring, their prices go from incredibly reasonable to the ‘one day I’ll be able to afford that I hope’ and I really think theres something for everyone. Every item I got feels like it’ll last a long time and definitely more than one wash (looking at you primark). I couldn’t be happier with the items I got and you’ll be sure to see plenty of them on my instagram since I have a few parties coming up this month including my 21st!

Whats your favourite item I got? Mine is definitely this dress below, though its not an easy choice!



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