An Instagram Update!

March has been mad and amazing and I’m so excited to share a little snapshot of my month with you all! I’ve had my birthday and had so many great days and laughs with friends and family and my boyfriend. Its been great, so lets get on with it!

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Got me some new clothes ✌🏻

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I’ve been working a lot on being more positive about my body this month and I’m not about to comfortably join a nudist colony or anything but I am a lot more comfortable with myself, which isn’t as ‘in love’ with myself as I’m aiming for but its something!

Mothers day was lovely, I’ve gotten so much closer to my mum and nan over the last few months and though we didn’t do anything big or nearly fancy enough to truly celebrate how amazing they both are it was a lovely day and I’ll never tire of hearing their stories! They’ve both had such interesting lives so full of love and laughter and sadness and just plain ridiculousness, I hope my stories are just as good once I get older.

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I'm still amazed when I go to a party that has those red cups

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I went to two parties in two days the weekend before my 21st and though it made me feel a little dead inside (and very hungover) it was an absolute blast. I’m so glad I’m friends with such funny, kind, creative, weird and amazing people, not to mention we all look brilliant in pictures.

The second party of the weekend was a SURPRISE PARTY my friends threw me! I haven’t had a party for my birthday in over a decade and even when I did they weren’t something people really wanted to attend. It was an incredible night and I felt so loved, Ellie went all out with decorations, all my favourite people were there and I’m never going to be able to get over the effort that all of my friends put into making it special.

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Can't believe my mums managed to keep me alive for this long

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I also had a little, much tamer party, on the day with my family and although it wasn’t as mad as the one Ellie threw me it was great. I always try to spend some time with my mum on my birthday since she was the one that put all the effort into me actually being born and I feel like this is one of the few pictures where we actually look kind of similar? I don’t know, maybe not, let me know what you think in the comments!

The worst thing about this month is that it was so early in the year and yet I doubt any other month this year is going to be able to top how fantastic it was. A huge, sloppy, drunken thank you to everyone that was a part of this month, and hopefully every other month for the rest of my life!



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