What I do on Youtube!

I’ve had various youtube channels over the years, many of which I now cringe to think of, but my current youtube channel is something I’m really proud of and enjoying working on so I thought I should probably promote it a little more on my blog. I love blogging and obviously, this is a lifestyle blog which I really love, but I have a slightly weirder, more creative side too and thats what I let loose for youtube.

I spent ages darting about doing vlogs and ‘story time’ videos that I didn’t immensely enjoy and I thought for a time that youtube just wasn’t for me. Then I started to stop attempting to do the things that are popular or that other people do and decided it was time to just make stuff I have ideas for and would enjoy making.

So what do I do? Mostly music at this point. I don’t talk about it much on my blog but I do aim to at some point be a professional musician and earn money via that path. I love music, I adore writing and playing and performing and I’ve recently started to do more comedic music inspired by The Mighty Boosh, Tim Minchin, Tenacious D and similar artists. I love sharing my music but the best thing is making it, I don’t get many views and it doesn’t matter in the slightest because its really selfishly all for me.

Carrying on with the comedy aspect of my creativity I also make the occasional sketch and intend to do a lot more in the coming months. I think this one is the only one I currently have uploaded and I feel like it pretty much shows what sort of things are to come. I’m really proud of that video and really love how it came out. I find having a vague idea for something and slowly developing it and making it just right until its something I enjoy myself really fun and challenging, its something I’m definitely going to do a lot more.

Finally, I have a series called ‘Smoke&Mirrors’ where I get stoned af and talk about my favourite conspiracy theories. Right now I have one discussing if Courtney Love really did kill Kurt Cobain and one about the Lochness Monster. I love conspiracy theories and can’t wait to do more videos about them, I think I’ll be talking about whether or not Paul McCartney really did die in the 60’s and was replaced by a clone.

I know that my youtube is very different from my blog, so don’t worry if you don’t like it! I love it though (in case I haven’t said that enough) and I really do adore getting peoples opinions on the things I make so please do have a little nose about and let me know what you think!



P.S- This is how I get videos ideas!


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