Support Sunday: Flora Warrior!

If you’ve been around here for a while or follow any of my social media you’ll know that my best friend Ellie, aka Flora Warrior, is an incredible artist. I want to use this weeks Sunday Support to show you all some of her art, talk about how amazing she is and hopefully show her art to more people who would like to commission an amazing piece of art from her!


Up above you see some amazing fan art. Some of my favourite art of Ellie’s is her fan art, she puts so much time, effort and talent into these without receiving any financial gain from it and I feel personally like artists that balance both commissions and personal work are the ones I want to support. If you want to see more fan art like that about you should definitely follow her on tumblr.


Moving onto commissions though, I can’t recommend Ellie enough. She did this commission and a couple of others for Rhi, you might remember seeing it in my last Sunday Support that was all for her! I commissioned the picture in the middle, its of the characters from a novel I’ve spent the last few weeks working on and I’m over the moon with how it came out. I made a lot of changes and was very specific in how I wanted them to look, what they should be wearing etc. and Ellie went well and truly beyond my expectations and ventured into dream territory with just how perfect this is. Rhi can also testify that Ellie well and truly works hard with you to make sure your commission is perfect.

The final commission piece above was for someone for (i think) either valentines day or someones birthday and I feel it just really demonstrates how incredibly diverse of an artist she is, I highly doubt anything could be thrown at her that she wouldn’t be able to perfectly achieve and if thats not what you want in a commission I don’t know what you want.

Prayers and wishes

I have to show you all this drawing she did of me too! I didn’t commission this one, she just surprised it with me as all good friends should and I don’t think I’ve ever loved anything so much! Its based on one of my youtube videos which you can watch here if you’re feeling it! (Sorry for promoting myself on a post about someone else!!)


I’ll leave her commission prices as the last photo, if you’ve ever considered commissioning an artist for any kind of digital art I would 100% recommend Ellie, she will not disappoint you! Make sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and email her at!



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