Legalise Weed!

I spoke a little bit about weed/marijuana/cannabis/the devils lettuce a while back and said I would make a post about why I think weed should be legalised, and I’m finally getting round to that post! As a slight disclaimer, I am not a doctor or scientist or anyone fancy, this is just stuff I’ve found out on my own or read up on from reliable sources over the years! I’m also not encouraging or saying that anyone should try weed in any way.

First of all, lets start off by confirming that its not healthy to smoke anything. No smoke of any kind should really be inhaled into your lungs but smoking weed is significantly healthier than smoking tobacco. It’s also better for your body than drinking alcohol is since it doesn’t affect your liver, doesn’t dehydrate you and doesn’t give you hangovers. Notice how its literally literally less damaging for you than tobacco or alcohol, two fully legal things that anyone over the age of 18 can easily obtain.

Next up lets talk about the things it is medically proven to be able to help. For me personally, it has helped my anxiety and depression more than any legal anti depressant I have been prescribed. Outside of actually smoking weed and using it for a mixture of both recreational and health, cannabis oil does not get you ‘high’ and people like Hannah  Deacon are working hard to have in legalised in the UK since it can help severely reduce seizures and literally save lives.

So, cannabis can literally save lives, can help with an array of health problems both mentally and physically, is more healthy in recreational use than alcohol or tobacco and is entirely natural unlike most medications available that are legal and yet its illegal? I don’t understand why its illegal and really think the UK should be looking to legalise it as they have in parts of America and also be looking more into it scientifically to see exactly what it can help with health wise and how.

What are your opinions on this? I know its quite a controversial subject but I hope perhaps this post has taught you something, changed or even given you an opinion if its not something you’ve previously thought about.



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