5 Albums to listen to on Vinyl

I love listening to vinyls, mostly because I managed to build such a huge collection from my mum, dad and nan. There are some albums though that I 100% think give a better listening experience when you listen to them on vinyl.

Hotel California – The Eagles

Everyone knows the song of the same name but it was only recently that I listened to the entire album for the first time. I’ve since listened to it on spotify too and definitely think having it on vinyl makes for a better listening experience. It’s such a chill album with so much emotion and its definitely turned me into an Eagles fan. It has that 70’s summer in America kind of vibe and listening on vinyl only adds to that and makes me feel almost nostalgic for some summer experience I never had.

Concrete and Gold – Foo Fighters

Its no secret I’m a huge Foo’s fan and I have all their albums on vinyl, and they’re all amazing but Concrete and Gold is especially brilliant on vinyl. With songs like Sunday Rain and La Dee Da having such a Sgt.Peppers kind of vibe while others sound so modern with slight elements of rap its a really interesting album to listen to in general but on vinyl especially it just add an extra dimension to the whole album.

News of the World – Queen

Everyone loves Queen, thats a fact and if you disagree you’re wrong. Everything about this band is perfect and listening to this incredible album with the added crackle of vinyl feels kind of more ‘authentic’ in a way (I’m trying so hard to not be pretentious in this post). I strongly encourage you reading this to listen to any Queen album in any way you want, but News of the World on vinyl is a special kind of listening experience.

Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

This album is a classic for a reason, its beautiful and strong (just like Stevie) and is an amazing thing to listen to for anyone at any time. Especially Don’t Stop and Go Your Own Way sound extra amazing on vinyl and Gold Dust Woman is given a certain boost that I didn’t feel while listening to it digitally (or on CD as a teen).

By The Way – Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is by far my favourite Chili’s album anyway but hearing it on vinyl is honestly only one step down from an actual spiritual experience. Flea’s bass sounds extra pumped up on vinyl and Anthony’s vocals cut through everything else so cleanly. Every song is brilliant in every way, I can’t imagine theres anyone out there that could listen to this album and not adore at least one song.

What are your favourite albums to listen to on vinyl?



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