What I’ve been Watching on Netflix!

We all love a good netflix binge, but as more and more things are added I feel like sometimes I spend more time scrolling through to try to find something to watch than I do actually watching things. These are all things I’ve been watching recently and really enjoyed though so if you have a similar taste to me, you might love them too!

Santa Clarita Diet

I was not expecting to enjoy this at all, not because I thought it looked like a bad show I just didn’t think it was my kind of show. Boy was I wrong, its all gore and weird comedy and thats exactly what I love. The characters are surprisingly lovable, even after literally murdering people and the plot is super engaging. I’ve not long started this one and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

French and Saunders

I’m always a sucker for a good sketch show and I’ve been trying to make an effort lately to watch more female comedians. There are some sketches that have not aged well but most have and Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders just have such a great comedic chemistry between them that I can’t help but laugh my way through every episode.

A Bit of Fry and Laurie

Continuing with sketch shows this was one I’ve wanted to see for absolutely ages so I was over the moon when it was added to Netflix. Hugh Laurie’s musical humour is just my cup of tea and Stephen Fry is of course just all round undeniably brilliantly hilarious. This has more sketches that haven’t managed to age well than French and Saunders does but the ones that have aged well are so funny it doesn’t matter.


I’m pretty sure I’ve spoken about this one on my blog before but season 2 was recently added and I loved it just as much as the first. I’m not usually one for police drama shows, but I am a sucker for David Duchovny and anything set in the 60’s. I would agree with some reviews I’ve read online that say it romanticises Charles Manson, but for me I see it more as being shown how those who lived with him saw him and Hodiak definitely does not see him through rose coloured lenses.

Peep Show

I feel like everyone has watched Peep show by now but as I’m on my fifth re-watch I felt like I needed to include it on this list. The awkwardness, the narration and the way its filmed just all come together to make a brilliant comedy that’ll make you cringe as much as you laugh.



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