An Instagram Update!

We’ve finally had some sun this month! I haven’t been great with putting stuff on insta but I have had a pretty okay month over all. The sun coming out for a few days has definitely help and I’ve been able to spend some great time with Rich too which always ups my mood! Without any more rambling lets get onto the actual post!

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Cats know to always find the sun

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Watching the cats settle in a bit of sun and then slowly move across the room with it is one of my favourite things about the sun being out, its just so cute and then stroking them and feeling the soft furry bodies all warm and content is just heaven.

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Everyone look at how perfect @trufflebeann is

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Ellie and I were supposed to go to a comedy show but couldn’t find it so we ended up going for cocktails instead and I’m glad we did. Spending time with Ellie is always great and fun and I adore her more than I can put into words.

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Courtney killed Kurt and @richjn92 knows it

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Like I said, I’ve been getting to spend a bit more time with Rich than usual this month and its been lovely, look at that little face! I’m so glad I have a boyfriend who is just as much fun to hang out at home with as he is to go out with.

A slightly more serious one, but the caption says everything I’d write here anyway so just read that!

It literally hailed while we did this BBQ but we are British so we soldiered on with stiff upper lips and the food was more than worth it. Considering it was the first BBQ we’ve done together without any supervision from ‘real adults’ I’m just glad we came away with good food, no burns and nothing up in flames.

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I wish there were more trees

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I don’t have anything to say for this one, its just a really pretty sunset.



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