DIY Shampoo/Conditioner!

If you saw my last post about my DIY Shower Scrub you’ll know that I’m trying to use more homemade shower products so that I’m aware of what I’m putting on my body and also to cut down on the plastic and products I use that are harmful for the environment. I’ve looked at a lot of DIY shampoo recipes online and found they contain things like castille soap, eggs or honey, none of which I want to use so I’ve created my own recipe that I’m super happy with and really excited to share!

I started out with some dried lavender, a bay leaf, a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and a tiny bit of parsley which I put in a bowl with boiling hot water and covered with a plate for about an hour and a half. As you can see from the picture that created a really beautiful coloured and, unfortunately you can’t smell it through the screen, a really gorgeously scented herb water. I then drained it through some muslin cloth to get the water you can see below!


That is literally the most difficult part of this recipe. I then just mixed in a table spoon of apple cider vinegar into it and poured it into a bottle that previously held some make up remover that I no longer use. Just like that I have a shampoo/conditioner thats entirely vegan and natural and I’ve been able to reuse some plastic rather than just throwing it away!


I washed my hair for the first time with this last night, I only used around 1/3 of the bottle for the entire length of my hair and this morning, now that its finally dry, it looks and feels exactly like it does when I use traditional shampoo and conditioner but this one didn’t burn my scalp and, in my opinion, it smells way better than any shampoo I’ve ever bought!

I definitely recommend giving this a go, and do let me know what you think if you do!



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