Things I’m Grateful For!

I’ve had a really blegh week so far, and today is especially ugh so I thought I’d take some advice from myself and write a post about some of the things I’m grateful for to cheer myself up a bit. I hope you enjoy this post and maybe take a minute or two to think about all the things in your life that you’re grateful for!

Friends & Family

At this point friends and family are basically the same thing, my friends love me unconditionally and I them just like with my family. I’m able to go to them if I need help, advice or just a chat and they trust me enough to do the same. Rich also counts in this, we’ve been together 5 years this November so he’s (fingers crossed!) not going anywhere.

My Home

I have such a nice house with so many luxuries that I barely take note of, and this is the time I’m going to really focus on how lucky I am to have a home at all! Inside my home I’m warm and safe, I’m comfortable and able to do things like get water from the tap when I’m thirsty, food from my fridge when I’m hungry and theres endless ways to entertain myself with books, TV, my laptop etc. Its something that everyone I know well has and yet there are so many people that don’t have any of these things and I’m lucky and grateful that I do.


My mental health may be a bit sucky right now but physically I’m fully healthy with no aches or pains of any kind, another thing I often take for granted but shouldn’t. There’s been lots of times in my life that I’ve had a cold or chicken pox or an injury of some type but right now I have none of that and I’m definitely grateful for that!


I don’t talk about music too often on here but it always, and especially at times like these, helps me through. Whether I’m listening to music, writing a song or excitedly waiting to go see my favourite band on the 19th of June (!!!!!), music just gets me out of my head a bit and helps me figure out what I’m feeling and why I’m feeling like that, so I’m definitely grateful there are so many musicians out there making amazing music regardless of whether they’re world famous with millions of fans or you tubers with under 100 subscribers!


I may have dropped out of college and long ago given up hope of attending uni, but I’ve had enough education I can read and write and do lots of other things that many people, other girls especially, never get the chance to learn. I can read books and journal my feelings and understand the science behind baking soda to make myself cookies (that might be less because of school and more thanks to the internet but it still counts!) and I’m well and truly grateful that I was able to have the education I had and have been able to continue using those skills while learning more independently!

Let me know the things you’re grateful for! These aren’t all the things I’m grateful for but I have cookies to eat and don’t want to be here all day, this post has definitely lifted my mood somewhat though which was the aim of this game!



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