Giving Up Cigarettes for Electronic Cigarettes!

We all know how horrible smoking tobacco cigarettes are for us. If you look on the NHS’ website, you’ll find out just how bad they are for us. There are a lot of benefits of quitting. 

Unfortunately, quitting smoking isn’t the easiest thing to do, and this is regardless of smokers knowing full well what the risks of smoking are. The truth is, smoking is extremely addictive, and this is in part due to nicotine being an active ingredient in it. If you want to quit smoking cigarettes, then you need a lot of will power, but you might also need some help. 

 More and more people are turning to electronic cigarettes. They help them quit real cigarettes. There’s a reason why e-cigs are popular and have helped many people quit. 

e cig vs smokingCuts out Chemicals 

Tobacco cigarettes are made with some harmful ingredients and ingredients you wouldn’t believe could be allowed in them. This includes butane, which is used in lighter fluid, as well as arsenic, which is used in rat poison. Not only that, but carbon monoxide is a by-product of cigarette smoke. 

Many smokers know about the above ingredients. It doesn’t matter to them. They still continue to smoke, and this is also regardless of the guidance on packs of cigarettes and anti-smoking campaigns that are right in their faces. 

If you want to repair your health, then you need to stop consuming the chemicals in the cigarettes and this is why many people turn to electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes feature e-liquids that are made with nicotine, non-toxic glycol and flavourings that do not contain horrible chemicals. Just by switching to e-cigs from real cigarettes can lead to you finally ridding yourself from the side effects associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes.  

Cut Out Nicotine Levels 

Another benefit of giving up cigarettes for e-cigarettes is that you will reduce your intake of nicotine as time goes by. You’ll enjoy cleaner smoke, too. The liquids used to fill the tanks of e-cigs are available in various strengths and nicotine levels. 

What this means is you can choose the nicotine level that suits where you are at. For example, if your goal is to not use any nicotine at all but you are new to e-cigs, then you can choose an e-liquid that has high levels of nicotine. You can then work your way down until you are using completely nicotine-free liquid. 

Generally speaking, 1,2mg is what is found in a typical bottle of e-liquid. This is about the same amount found in a real cigarette, but strengths are available in as low as 0.2mg or as high as 3.6mg. There are e-liquids that don’t contain any nicotine either. 

The bottom line is you can slowly reduce your intake of nicotine. Best of all, you won’t feel uncomfortable while doing it. You will enjoy the entire vaping experience. 

Break the Habit 

Breaking the habit of smoking is actually the toughest part of quitting smoking. For example, you are probably accustomed to reaching for a cigarette and you probably enjoy the smoke hitting the back of your mouth because this creates a calming effect. It might make you feel less stressed out about things. Using an e-cig that contains low or no nicotine can create the same effect, but without causing you the same harm that cigarettes can cause. 

When the harmful chemicals from cigarettes are no longer in your system and you are no longer using nicotine, the only thing you have to focus on is the actual habit. You can reduce the amount of times you use an e-cig by taking an occasional puff or you can continue to use the e-cig because you like it. Just make sure you don’t choose liquids with nicotine, if your goal is to remain nicotine-free. 

The Future of E-Cigs and Smoking Cessation

Many people have had major success with e-cigs and they have found it easy to quit tobacco cigarettes. E-cigs work very well for so many people. The bottom line is it makes sense to switch to e-cigs from real cigs. 

There are also talks about how the NHS will be incorporating e-cigs for patients, but they will require a prescription and this won’t likely happen for another few years. However, there are a lot of people who think this is a good idea and it is a step in the right direction. Sure, e-cigs are not strictly or solely cessation devices, but this hasn’t stopped people from using them instead of real cigarettes. 

More and more people want to protect their health. However, they still want to enjoy the hit they get from smoking. This is why they should consider making the switch today.



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