An Instagram Update!

May feels like it lasted less than a week, hence why this post is appearing a full five days into the month! Its rushed by so quickly I think I blinked and missed it, over all it was a pretty good month though!

We’ve had a mixture of warmth and rain this month, meaning the snails have been swarming my garden in full force! I love snails, they’re so cute and nervous looking, but I also love my herbs so I have some plants in my garden that I don’t care about to move these adorable little buggers to when they start having a go at my basil!

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I wish I got more sun How else am I meant to grow

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I’ve been loving the sun we’ve been having, as you can see! I’ve not managed to tan in the slightest, its like I’m destined to be a piece of paper forever, which is fine but I’d like to tan just once in my life!

I struggle with captions for the pictures I post on insta but I’m really proud of and in love with this one. I don’t want to go on about it too much but I feel I really managed to capture what I was trying to say perfectly and put my point and experience across!

My cats are very much house cats, they lay about and snooze and get scared of wind when they’re too near an open window. Lately though, because I’ve been sat outside and they’re clingy little babies, they’ve ventured out into the yard! Theres a lot of flinching and running back in and hiding behind me, but they’re doing it and getting braver every time!

Theres a new vegan cafe in Birkenhead near where Rich works that we’ve started popping to during his lunch breaks every now and again, they do the most delicious vegan food I’ve had so far and they have this gorgeous outside space that we got to sit in to eat last time we visited. I’ll be writing a review post about them soon and I can assure you I only have good things to say!

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I try very hard to not be a ‘preachy’ vegan and all that, but at the end of the day I am vegan and have been for almost a year now which shows that I obviously think veganism is the best dietary choice that can be made for the vast majority of people (and animals!) so sometimes I just need to share something to offer the idea of going vegan to others!

I’ve been baking a lot of cookies lately (recipes on their way!) and I’ve also been making an effort to watch more female comedians. I love comedy and am forever complaining there aren’t enough female, only to realise I also wasn’t supporting any female comedians! So I hurried off and rented Jessie Caves new stand up, she’s hilarious and definitely amongst my top favourite comedians, actresses and general people.

And there you go, that was my May!



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