Hunkemoller Shape Wear Review

I have had a love hate relationship with shape wear since my teen years, the argument that if I’m body positive I shouldn’t be wearing something to change my body vs. the fact that shape wear can make me feel more confident and can make tighter outfits look better echoed after me for a while until I decided it was up to me if I wanted to wear shape wear or not. I do, by the way, hence this post!

When Hunkemoller offered to send me this shape wear I snapped up the chance because lets face it, shape wear can be super expensive. At £32 this is definitely not a piece I would usually treat myself too, though how happy I am with it might make me reconsider that in the future! It’s pretty, which the shape wear I usually buy is most certainly not, and its actually comfortable. With it being a body suit it can’t really ride up,  slide down or move in anyway, once its on and in place thats where it stays.

The fabric is also a much higher quality that you’d expect. It looks very thin and see through but is actually quite thick and certainly sturdy. I actually tried to shove my fingers through it like I have accidentally done many times over the years and I couldn’t damage it.

I got an XL which the site says is a 20-22 and I think its sized quite well. I tend to hover just above a 22 in the hips/stomach area and it was definitely slightly tight there, but still comfortable so I’d say the sizing is quite accurate and what I expected. It was also really nice to have the straps be adjustable, I’ve had more than enough of these types of items giving me a wedgie because I’m almost six foot tall and the straps weren’t adjustable. They go very long and very short, so they should work for anyone even if you’re taller or shorter than average.

Overall, I’m really happy with this shape wear. Its comfortable, looks nice and really smooths everything down. I’m not sure it actually makes me any smaller, but I see shape wear as being there to smooth everything out and maybe pull the waist in slightly so I’m completely happy with what it does. I’d also recommend this product to anyone looking for this type of shape wear product, I’d go so far as to say its a 10/10 item. I have no complaints or worries about it at all!



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