Injecting A little Sunshine Into Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

The environment we live in can make a massive difference to our mood and motivation, and with that in mind, I always think it’s an excellent idea to inject a little bit of what I call ‘sunshine’, or happiness into your surroundings. Of course, as any home decoration can end up costing a bomb, some folks may think they can’t afford to do this, but I’m here to tell you it is possible, even if you are a tiny budget. Read to find out how.


First of all, a cheap and straightforward way that you can inject a little sunshine into your home is with colour, be it on the walls, with cushions, covers, and blinds, or small decorative pieces.

Now, I know it is not always convenient or even possible to coat all of your wall with bright hues, especially if you are renting because you need the landlord’s permission before you make any significant changes.

Therefore, instead, why not use small but bright accents like these yellow roller blinds, or some of the awesome duvets sets you can find in stores like Primark? Then even if your walls are plain white, you can still create that sense of fun that will be guaranteed to lift your spirits.


Next, it’s crucial to remember that a dark home isn’t often a happy one. With this in mind is a good idea to take a look at the amount of natural light your property is getting and whether anything can be done to improve this.

In fact, you may find that removing bulky curtain from the windows and replacing them with light ones can make your rooms seem much brighter and more welcoming.  

You don’t even need to use brand new curtains to achieve this; it’s often easy and cheap to pick up preloved curtains of excellent quality on site like eBay. Although you will need to make sure you have measured them correctly before you part with your money, trust me, I speak from experience!


Another way to include a little sunshine in your home is to ensure that you retain a sense of fun with your decor. What this means is that including collectables like Popz in genres that you are into can work well, as can picking some delightfully kitsch ornaments up from the local charity shop.

In fact, you can get some great effects by picking out some ornaments in crazy shapes and colours and then using a reasonably priced can of spray paint to go over them in your favourite hue. Then, not only will you have some fantastic conversation pieces but they will be in just the right colour to fit in with the rest of your decor as well.  

Alternatively, if you are feeling super crafty, you can even make your own home decorations like macrame wall hangings and plant pot holders with supplies that cost hardly anything at all. Something that will enable you to inject a little fun and sunshine into your living space, no matter how empty your wallet is at the moment!


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