Losing The Will To Blog?

I’ve been blogging for quite a while now, and motivation to blog definitely comes in waves and droughts, but recently I’ve definitely had more droughts than waves. Blogging can and is so much fun. I get to talk to and meet people I otherwise wouldn’t have, sometimes I get sent stuff I want and all I have to do is write about it, I get to read about other peoples lives and get to (kind of) know them without having to actually leave my house. Blogging and the whole blogging community is, for the most part, absolutely great.

But then comes the actual writing. My drafts are full of half written posts and my laptop is almost full with pictures I took for posts that haven’t and probably won’t happen. Why? I don’t really know, I just know I don’t enjoy blogging like I used to and there are two ways to resolve this. One would be to walk away. I’m not a blogger for whom this is my job, I wouldn’t be at a financial loss if I were to just stop blogging. The other option is to try more posts that I feel passionate about, thats how my blog started and what I enjoyed and I think I may have gotten a little lost somewhere along the way.

Seeing huge bloggers with thousands of followers wasn’t something I thought affected me, not because I’m ‘better’ than people who are affected by them but because I thought I didn’t care and its come to my attention that maybe I did, or do. I think over time I’ve stopped writing as many of the blog posts I wanted to write and transitioned to trying to post things I think the people who read my blog will like, especially those of you who are regular readers (which is exciting! Thank you for coming back so often and liking/commenting!) when really, though it’d be lovely if every reader enjoyed every post its more important that enjoy what I’m writing.

So what does this mean for Carry on Beautiful? Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot more posts from now on, some will be topics I usually have such as veganism and body positivity, but I also want to go back to talking about movies and music, my cats and my life and mental health, all things that were regular topics when I started out but have become neglected along the way. I’ve changed since I started this blog and my blog has changed in a different way, I want to bring us back together so it feels like this blog is an extension on from myself for the world to look at.

I hope you enjoy what comes up, I hope everyone who reads get to know me better and enjoys the posts that I enjoy writing.



3 thoughts on “Losing The Will To Blog?

  1. Please just be yourself, that’s why we all follow you, because you’re you! I like reading all your posts, it doesn’t matter that they are about different things, that’s why I like them. Stop trying to please others and just please yourself! That’s what I think anyway!

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  2. I am still a passionate blogger but I too have lots of photos for posts that wouldn’t happen. That is OK. I am taking a hiatus at the moment recovering from a fractured leg. I have one story in my draft I have been picking at since I started 2 years ago. I am hoping to finish it but I am not putting stress on myself. It may not be my best post but I will have finished it and that is the lesson for me. I like to finish what I start.
    You can also change up your post up, show some pictures with small explanations and if you want to delve into a story further or later do that. This your blog, your rules.


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