5 reasons to take CBD edibles!

CBD edibles are easily the most delicious way to consume CBD, and it is seriously impressive how manufacturers have kept the market for these infused products fresh and innovative over recent times. Customers can select from sweet CBD gummy bears, homemade baked edibles, CBD candy and even CBD chocolate.

But CBD edibles aren’t just for show – these treats have special attributes that make them more effective at managing certain conditions than dripping CBD oil or vaping CBD e-juice. It takes longer for cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream and stimulate the endocannabinoid system with CBD edibles, but this is more suitable for sustained relief as the CBD stays active in the body for an extra couple of hours.

In this post, we’ll show you five ways that CBD edibles can be beneficial – but first, just what is CBD?

What is CBD?

CBD is a plant-based chemical that looks to be exclusive to the cannabis family. The compound is normally the second-most abundant in the herb, although some strains are bred to be CBD-dominant. 

CBD is non-psychoactive, and therefore CBD products do not cause the consciousness-altering effects synonymous with cannabis usage. 

However, CBD does boast plenty of therapeutic properties across the medical spectrum, which we’ll now explore in more detail.

1) Sleep better

Precise recommendations vary, but it’s generally accepted that the average American adult requires seven hours sleep per night, if not more. While this may seem like a lot in our busy lives, it’s a small price to pay for the energy and neurological benefits that come from regular lengthy periods of deep sleep.

Body and muscle tissue is rejuvenated when in deep sleep, the phase beyond rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep which makes us dream. Furthermore, the brain is cleansed by cerebrospinal fluid during deep sleep as neurotoxins, such as proteins called prions, are washed out.

However, CBD has sedative and sleep-regulating properties that help you to get asleep, stay asleep and have useful, regenerating sleep. Not to mention, the effects of edibles are prolonged and last for most of night.

Say goodbye to daytime fatigue with CBD edibles, the plant-based sleeping aid with minimal side effects. 

2) Sustained inflammation relief 

Inflammation is notorious, and a problem for so many people because a hyperactive immune system is so common. It’s possible that this is due to endocannabinoid deficiency, with some research suggesting that endocannabinoids are meant to manage inflammation.

Therefore, if endocannabinoids can tackle inflammation, then it’s feasible that cannabinoids can too, an in fact both CBD and THC have consistently exhibited potent anti-inflammatory effects. 

For skin complaints and more complex conditions, applying cannabinoids externally to the skin with a balm, salve or gel should have most benefit. However, for internal inflammation and autoimmune disorders, an oral intake method is better. Edibles can provide meaningful relief from nagging inflammation, with one mid-to-high-strength dose (25 to 50mg) lasting for around six hours – this duration may be shortened or increased due to speed of metabolism. 

3) Mood stabilizer and booster

A lack of sleep or physical pain could well have a negative effect on mood, but endocannabinoid system changes can have this impact all on their own. But as ever, this suggests that mood can be regulated by taking cannabinoids. 

Anandamide appears to be the most relevant endocannabinoid in the ECS when it comes to mood, as the compound binds securely to the landing point on CB1 receptors, where it emits antidepressant effects. Anandamide can do this since it has the ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier.

CBD is often considered as a way of elevating mood, but if you simply struggle with having volatile emotions, then the slow emission of cannabinoids offered by edibles may be just what’s needed to stay calm and level-headed at stressful times. In addition to mitigating mood disorders and anxiety symptoms, CBD also reduces stress by stifling the cortisol hormone. 

4) General endocannabinoid system benefits

Don’t underestimate the overall advantages from keeping your ECS in balance and well-regulated – something that most of us fail to manage. But think about it, this enormous network functions in several important regions of the body (peripheral and central nervous system, brain, etc.) and is at least a partial determinant of our appetite, mood, stress, reproductive cycles, the health of our immune system and more. 

Nurturing the ECS with a cannabinoid like CBD, which doesn’t seek to offset the natural chemical composition of the system, is a smart move and more people than ever are incorporating CBD into their daily routine as a result.

You could dab concentrates or enjoy a session vaping CBD vape oil and e-liquid, however as the effects of these wear off within three hours or so, CBD edibles could be more suitable if taking as a supplement. 

5) Edibles are discreet

The general public may be fairly united for its support of medical cannabis, but the same does not always apply to vaping, and some Californian cities have even sought to ban it. Self-treating an ailment by vaping might not always be practical, especially if it’s opposed in your workplace. Or you might just want to avoid explaining to a curious onlooker what you’re vaping and how it differs to cannabis.

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, then it’s worth considering edibles. These products provide ultimate discretion – CBD gummy bears look just like normal gummy bears. Do bear in mind that full-spectrum products may have a familiar cannabis scent – this is because these also contain terpenes, aroma molecules with therapeutic value.

Final thoughts 

It’s high time that the medical cannabis industry talks up the unique qualities of edibles, which have mostly garnered attention for their popularity among recreational users. 

CBD-rich edibles are excellent if you don’t have an acute condition and aren’t in a rush for relief and don’t want to top up your dose so often. 

Hopefully you found this article informational and educational. However, this is not professional medical advice – consult a doctor if that’s what you require.



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