What It Takes To Make My Face!

I don’t wear make up very often, but when I do I tend to really enjoy the whole process of applying it and I get excited to do it! So I thought today I’d share some of the make up products I tend to use every time I do my make up and how it tends to look upon completion!


I start out with a primer from Technic. Most of my make up is by Technic because its cruelty free and super cheap despite doing exactly what it needs to really well. The price does not reflect the quality at all! Following primer I do my brow wax, foundation and then use the powder to set my brows and make sure theres no weird patches. This brow tamer from, again, Technic is absolutely amazing. Its by far the only brow product I’ve used and liked, and at £1.50 the price is definitely no complaint. If I could only recommend one product for someone reading this to try it would be the Technic brow tamer! (If technic wants to work with me on a post please get in touch, it’d be nice to get paid for what I already do!)


I set my foundation with the Technic soft focus translucent powder, which looks amazing in pictures, and then contour with the Technic Colour Fix contour palette. This is, unfortunately, not a Technic product I will be purchasing again, the darker contour shades are just far too orange for my skin! The Mermaids heart highlighter was a gift from a friend last Christmas that I will definitely be re-purchasing! With it being a Mermaid inspired ‘rainbow’ it looks amazing with the types of eye colours I do, and it’s like having 6 different highlighters all in one!

Finishing my face means I can get onto the fun part, eye shadow! This palette was a gift from the same friend last Christmas and though I do like it and its the palette I use daily, I probably wouldn’t re-purchase it. The pigmentation isn’t great, they all leave a lot of fall out and some of the colours seem like really odd choices with the rest of the palette. It’s not awful though, I still enjoy using it and it was a lovely gift to get! I then just use eye lash curlers, I don’t know what brand they are but I assure you they were definitely too cheap and have stolen a few of my lashes. The Technic Get Lashed Mascara is great for volume and lift though so you can’t tell! I’ve had people think I’m wearing fake lashes when I’m just wearing this mascara and the brush is quite thin and long so I feel like I manage to properly coat my lashes.


Finally, I do lipstick and I’m all done! I don’t always go for such a bright red, but most of the lipsticks I own are just various shades of the Technic Colour Max Matte Lipstick. It has a really nice texture, doesn’t transfer too much and stays in place for a pretty long time. I’m not great with lipstick, I never remember to take it with me to re-apply or anything like that so I can’t give the best review but I do like this lip stick and continue buying shades I don’t have!

Then we have my finished face! I don’t know what anyone else thinks but I reckon I manage to do a pretty good job, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not damn proud of my brows. I also think using 10 products is something I’m quite happy with, I don’t like using or having too many different products, especially if I’m staying over at someones house or going away somewhere!



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