The Worst Parts Of Veganism

Having been vegan for over a year now, I can honestly say I think I made a great choice and really am happy with my diet and lifestyle being totally free of animal products, but I’d be lying if I acted like its all sunshine and roses and amazing food all the time, so I wanted to write a post about that bad parts of veganism. The parts that are annoying or gross and just plain shitty.

Eating Out Is PANIC

Maybe this is somewhat just me and my anxiety, but eating out makes me panic way more than it used to. There are all the stories of restaurants saying things are vegan when they’re not, theres the chance that I’ll walk in and be sat down and then have to leave because the best meal I can get is salad and chips. Anytime I go anywhere to eat I have to google the place and figure out what, if anything, I can actually order. This is getting better, even just in the time I’ve been vegan more and more places are providing vegan options that are delicious but googling and panicking is still part of eating out.

Ordering In Is Disappointing

Anytime someone other than me chooses where to order food from, it means I’m just getting chips. Maybe hash browns or a veggie burger if I’m extra lucky. There are a few places in my area that deliver vegan pizza and vegan Chinese but they can be more pricey and less likely to be chosen by anyone none vegan, so more often than not I just get chips. It’s disappointing, its annoying and sometimes I just want a bloody pizza that doesn’t cost double the amount of one with normal dairy products!


They never really go away. It’s been well over a year since I last ate a crunchie bar but boy if I don’t think about them anytime I walk past somewhere that sells chocolate. I get that its self inflicted, I could just eat one and that’d be fine, its my choice. In making my choice though, I had to take my morals and opinions into consideration and that means I won’t be eating one anytime soon. Plus, theres most probably a recipe out there for a vegan version I could make, it’d just be lovely to buy one and eat it and have it be vegan!

Peoples Reactions

We’ve all seen the preachy vegan stereotype and I put a lot of effort into not falling into that, and yet I’ve still had people pretty much verbally attack me for saying I’m vegan. It’s even happened in work places and its pathetic. “Vegans always think they’re better than people that eat meat”, “Whats the point when animals are still being killed?” “But bacon” I DONT CARE I JUST WANT TO EAT MY FALAFEL AND CHIPS AND CARRY ON WITH MY DAY.

There are other things that are niggling and definitely on the ‘con’ side of veganism, but I definitely wouldn’t go back to eating meat or dairy at this point. There are plenty of delicious vegan options to sample and over all, veganism is great! These things are annoying, but I’d rather be annoyed by them than be funding industries that harm animals.



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