Real Self Care

We’ve all seen the lists floating around online with cute things like ‘Have a bath!’ or ‘Paint your nails!’ floating around, and those are valid things to do to cheer yourself up a bit, but I wanted to write a little list of ‘real’ self care things you can do, something that might take a bit more effort than the cute ones but that you will feel better having done and that will improve your life in someway!

Put a wash on

If you have a washing machine and a load of laundry, put a load in and get it washing. Worry about drying tomorrow, and putting the clothes away the next day if you can’t get it all done at once for whatever reason. While you’re at it, why not wash your favourite PJ’s or outfit to put on once you’re done?

Eat a Meal

Make one if you can, order out, go out for one, get a microwave meal, it doesn’t matter. Food is energy and energy is important. If its cold, eat something warming. Getting a meal in is important but can be difficult, you’ll always feel better after eating though!

Get ‘Washed’

Have a bath, have a shower. Not gonna happen for you? Put on some extra deodorant and wash your hands, or throw on some dry shampoo. Feeling clean or cleaner usually makes me feel better and hygiene is always important! I know its tempting to not bother if you’re not going out, but just do it for you!

Drink Some Water.

Water is important for lots of reasons and I’m not a doctor so I won’t go into it, I will get something wrong. Not a fan of water? Cordial can be your bestie. Get some hydration and you’ll likely feel somewhat better, at the very least you’re giving yourself something you need to survive!


So you’re in that place where nothing is fun and you can’t focus on anything properly? Multitasking can help. Watch something while you’re on your phone, play music while you read. I find having two things to focus on lets me split my attention and be a bit more out of it while keeping myself busy and at least trying to do something.

Tiny Tidy

On really bad days when I can’t face all the housework that has fallen to the wayside, I do a tiny tidy. I might wash up one mug, one plate and one set of cutlery followed by hoovering one room, dusting one piece of furniture and finish off by doing something quick and easy like putting away all the clothes that go in the middle drawer. Doing it this way means that I feel productive and everything I need to do is lessened slightly, making it all seem more achievable and easier.


I hope these self care tips are useful to someone, and if you have any of your own don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know!



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