Why I’m a Cat Person

It’s no secret on my blog that I essentially see my cats as my literal children, they bring a lot of happiness into my daily life and are the sweetest little babies I could ever wish for, so I wanted to do a little post about why I’m such a cat person and why I love my cats so much!

The first is how sweet they are. I’m super lucky and got cats that love sitting with me all the time, and I know it’s lame or whatever but it really helps to stave off the loneliness I can feel during the day when Rich is at work and I’m on my own. This also means they’re quite clingy so if I’m out all day or over night they won’t leave me alone when I get home! That might be annoying to some people but I find it super cute and am more than happy to give them all the love and attention they need.

Cats are also relatively easy pets to look after. Make sure they’ve got food, water, clean litter, some toys and somewhere nice to sit and they’re good to go. They don’t need much attention usually, though of course they’re living beings so they have different personalities and that can vary! My cats love attention but if I’m busy and can’t give them as much as usual they’re great at entertaining themselves, usually by sleeping.

We can’t skip over the fact that cats are cute. They’re so cute. From their little ears to their silly toes to their fluffy lil tails there’s just nothing not to love. Their little faces when you boop their snoots and they shove their dumb hairy faces into your hand? Adorable. Perfect. Flawless.

Again, this last one might just be my cats, but they’re hilarious. My cats make weird noises and fall off stuff while they’re asleep and sleep in the oddest places. Tops of doors, inside shoes, under clean washing, middle shelves of bookcases and my backpack are all places my cats regularly choose as beds, the actual cat beds I bought them have never been used though because you know, cats.



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