Autumn Ambitions!

Today’s post is a little bit different because I wanted to talk about some things I want to do this season now that we’re coming into autumn! Autumn is my favourite season and since I really don’t want to miss out on any of it this post is a reminder of the things I want to do to enjoy this season and also to hold myself responsible to actually do it! Anyway, I don’t want to ramble too much so let’s get into it.

Go for more walks

I’m lucky enough to live in an area that walking distance to two different parks, a small wooded area and the Mersey, so there are lots and lots of lovely places for me to go on walks to and I want to do it more often! Winter is too cold for long walks and summer is too hot, so I need to do it now before I can use waiting for spring as an excuse!

Get back into blogging

It’s happening already, but cosy autumnal posts are some of my favourites to write and I don’t want to miss out on my chance! Hopefully I’ll do this one to the standard I’m planning and you’ll get to see lots of really great posts that I can be really proud of and enjoy creating!

Prepare for Christmas!

I know it’s a bit early and some of you probably cringed at the mention of Christmas, but I’m terrible at being ready for Christmas. Last year I didn’t put my decorations up until around the 20th of December and didn’t buy any presents or food until after that so it was all rushed, stressful and expensive! This year I’d like to start early so that Christmas time can just be chill and fun!

Read more

I’ve always been a big fan of books and reading, in high school I always had at least one book with me that I was reading, and honestly usually more like three or four. These last few years I’ve struggled to find books I enjoy and managed to finish or even bother starting and I really want to fix that! I miss the feeling of being totally absorbed in a good book, and when better to get that feeling back than during a season I can read the book while having a cup of coffee, snuggled in blankets and preferably with some kind of sweet treat.

Write more!

Before I got into music as a kid I desperately wanted to be an author and spent hours at the family computer writing stories. I kept at it, alongside music for years but like many things, it fell to the side as I began taking other things seriously. I really want to do and finally complete nanowrimo this year, so it’s time to get planning and into the swing of writing more!

Start getting ready to move!

You heard it here first folks, I’m moving house again! It won’t be for a while but Rich and I are intending to move into a smaller and cheaper place after Christmas so we can save up and just have more money spare in general. This means we’re going to be sorting through our things and downsizing, which I’ve been doing on a small scale for a while now anyway, so that our smaller place won’t be cluttered and hopefully we might make some money from selling things to help with the costs of moving!

There you have it, maybe I’ve been a little too ambitious or maybe not enough, either way I’ll let you know once we move into winter! Do you have any ambitions for this autumn?



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