How to keep cosy!

Autumn is well and truly kicking in now and outside is starting to get quite cold, especially at night! I think I’ve done a post like this every year since I started blogging and this year is no different! I think it’s quite easy to forget all the ways we stay warm and cosy after spring and summer have looked after us for months so here’s a reminder!


3 or 4 thin layers are more likely to keep you warm than one thick one, or at least that’s what my mum tells me! As soon as it gets cold I start to throw on layers of shirts and cardigans and I do think I stay warmer than wearing one thick layer!

Keep your home warm!

If you haven’t already, the start of October is definitely the time to make sure you have draft excluders by any doors that don’t have a firm seal, thick curtains on all the windows and plenty of blankets draped everywhere for when you get in from the cold and need to warm up!

Make purchases strategically

This isn’t as stressful or spy-esque as you might think, I just mean that if you’re out buying jumpers, socks or similar things even if you’d never usually check out the men’s section definitely make sure you do! I’ve bought the thickest socks I’ve ever felt from the Asda men’s section recently, and most of my thickest jumper and cardigans are also from the men’s section!

Food is important!

Now is definitely the time to stock up on tins of soup and as much cocoa powder as you can carry! Warm meals and drinks are a vital part of staying warm and cosy in my opinion (and I’m pretty sure it’s an actual known thing? I don’t know!)

Remember pets!

Although most pets like my cats don’t really need any extra care or warmth since they’re furry anyway, I like to set a few blankets in their favourite spots for them to snuggle into and enjoy. Some pets have different needs in the cold than when it’s warm though so here’s a reminder to do whatever you need to do for them!

Make sure to get outside!

Any home seems a billion times more cosy when you come in from the cold and it’s all toasty inside and you can light a nice smelling candle and make yourself a hot drink before snuggling down under a blanket to read a book or watch a film, and you need to get outside for a bit to experience that! An autumn or winter walk can be lovely though, not just a way to make your home seem nicer!

That’s all from me today, let me know how you keep cosy now it’s getting colder!



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