I need to talk about Hilda

Last week I had a rare night in to myself and while scrolling through Netflix I found a cute little cartoon called Hilda and decided to give it a watch before bed. I ended up going to bed super late because I binge watched the entire season. It’s an honestly incredible show and I NEED to talk about it for a bit!

The show is based on a book series of the same name by Luke Pearson, the first of which I’ve just bought after loving the show so much. It’s about a blue haired girl, Hilda, her mum, her friends and the friends she makes along the way such as trolls and Nisse.

It’s quite a British show with the characters speaking with various British accents, the kids going to a school that looks similar to my own old primary school and Hilda even goes to what is essentially brownies with her friends. All of that makes me feel all warm and nostalgic for my childhood as it is but then throw in the Scandinavian inspiration of the trolls, Nisse, forest giants and more that my dad used to tell me stories about and I almost feel like this was made for me specifically.

It’s stylistically very similar to the books by Luke Pearson with minimal change as far as I can tell which I really like and I’m no artist so I can’t really go into detail about the style and all that stuff, but I will say I adore the colours that it uses. A lot of the colours are muted just enough that it looks soft, dreamy and some how autumnal which I just really love.

The plots of each episode and the overarching plot lines are also all really cute and entertaining, I feel like a parent being forced to watch it with their kid would probably enjoy it just as much as their kid would.

I think it’s just the most lovely show I’ve ever watched and it’s really feel good and cosy for me! If you have Netflix I definitely recommend giving it a watch and letting me know what you think!



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