Getting Out More

I’m very much a homebody, and my anxiety doesn’t help with that but I’ve been making an effort to get out a bit more lately, and I thought I’d share some of the ways I’ve done that to hopefully help anyone who wants to get out more but isn’t sure what to do!

Find stuff that interests you!

For me, I love going to small gigs and open mic nights so I’ve been making an effort to get out to some more often but there is something out there for everyone! Have a look online to find something near you that you’d like to go to, there are all sorts of clubs and groups out there so chances are you’ll find something you fancy giving a go!

Don’t be afraid to go alone.

I love things like going to the cinema or going out for coffee but spent years barely doing either because I didn’t have anyone to go with. If you enjoy something, don’t be afraid to just get out and do it alone! I was even anxious about going to museums and art galleries alone but now that I’ve done it I can tell you it’s nothing to worry about and there’s almost definitely other people there alone too.

What ever the weather…

That’s a phrase my mum used to say a lot when I was a kid and it was something she carried through on. Whether it was a promise of a trip to the beach or a day at a theme park we were going, and if that meant going in rain coats and wellies then that’s what we did. Of course, if the weather is actually dangerous or you’re likely to get sick or something similar, ignore this one, but if all you need to do is dig out an umbrella or a pair of gloves, do it!

Set the date

I found that putting an exact date on when I was going to go out and do something made it easier to follow through on that just deciding on ‘tomorrow’ or ‘later’, times that are notorious for never arriving. Decide when you’re doing the thing, and do everything you can do that you actually do that thing and you’ll feel great about it!

Be kind to yourself

If you struggle to get out more, there’s a reason for that so take that into account and be kind to yourself. Sometimes things don’t happen and though you should push, you shouldn’t force anything. If you keep trying, you’ll get to wherever you want to be at the rate that’s right for you, so don’t be discouraged and look after yourself no matter what.



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