Doctor Who Is Back!

It’s no secret I’m a huge Doctor Who fan and have been for literally over a decade now, which is crazy. At 14 my mum drove me all the way to Cardiff to see the places they used when filming and many people have bore witness to my Doctor Who Cosplays, it was almost as dark a time for my and my popularity as it has been for Doctor Who the last few seasons.

I wasn’t sure about a female Doctor but as a huge fan of the show, I had to give her, the new writers and this new phase of the show a chance and I haven’t been disappointed! It’s still the more mature, slightly darker Doctor Who we’ve all come to know in the last few years but there were parts that felt like it did when I was a kid when it was funny, badass and slightly cheesy.

As for Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, I have fallen in love. She’s cool, so, so cool and I already adore her after just this first episode. Some of her quick wit and even faster thought process reminded me a lot of the tenth doctor, who is one of my favourites so no complaints here!

I don’t have too much to say since only the first episode of this season is out so far, but I’m finally excited for Doctor Who again and I really hope this season continues with the same energy and spirit this first episode has, and I’m so glad that the Doctor is still cool, smart and collected as always!



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