Giant Vegan Crunchie!

I’ve been craving a Crunchie pretty much since the day after I went vegan, so it’s been a long while. Sometimes, dreams need to be followed. I know a Crunchie the size of a loaf of bread isn’t what everyone wants, but it could be what you need (it’s not it’s pure sugar). So, if you want a giant Crunchie it’s easier than you’d think and here’s the post to help you do it!


5 tbsp golden syrup

200g caster sugar

2 tsp bicarbonate soda

Chocolate (any you choose and as much as you want. I used one bag of Tesco’s free from giant chocolate buttons and I could have done with a little more)

It honestly is super easy, dump the sugar and syrup into a pan on a low medium heat and stir it gently until the sugar and syrup combine, then stop stirring and turn up to a medium high heat.

When it first starts to combine and bubble, it should look similar to the picture above. I know it’s common sense, but once it gets to this it’s really really hot, so be careful not to touch it or let it splash, if the bubbles are too intense turn the heat down a little.

After a few minutes on medium high heat it should get darker and start to look more caramel like, as you can see above. This is when it’s ready. Take it off the heat completely and, as quickly as you can, put in the bicarbonate soda and stir it in.

Make sure to stir out all lumps since it’s the bicarbonate soda that makes in the honeycomb or Crunchie texture. It’ll foam up a fair bit at this stage so make sure you use a pan that’s tall enough, then pour it into a lined or greased loaf tin.

Leave it around 2 hours to cool at room temperature. I cooled mine in the fridge and I think that’s why some of my bubbles are too big, it started to deflate the second I put it in the fridge!

Once it’s cool, tip it out of the loaf tin onto a wire rack above parchment paper. Melt your favourite chocolate in whatever way you fancy, using vegan chocolate obviously means it’s vegan, and simply pour it over. Let it cool again and you’re done!

Sure it’s a bit over the top and no one needs this much sugar, but it’s so bloody good!



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