The Easiest DIY Christmas Decoration!

I always seem to lose most of my Christmas decorations between each year, and they seem to all cost so much, so I decided to make my own on the lowest budget possible. All you need is small twigs and some thread, optionally I also sprayed them with some glitter spray paint!

Start by cutting all your twigs to similar sizes, I found that around 8 centimetres works well for Christmas tree decorations without being too fiddly but, as you can see below, you can make big ones!

Then cut some thread, I used ordinary cotton like you’d use for sewing, and tie the ends of the sticks together to form the star shape.

Once you’ve got them all tied together and looking good, just tie a piece of cotton into a loop around the top so that it hangs as low as you want it to. I added the extra step of then spray painting them but it’s not necessary!

And then you’re all done and ready to decorate with them! I won’t lie, I do they they look a bit Blair Witch-y but I like them all the same and think they’d look really cool as a door wreath if you live somewhere where it’s stay on your door!

I’d love to hear what you think of this DIY in the comments!



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