January Goals!

I think we’ve all had our fair share of failed new year resolutions, they just slowly slip out of my brain every year and by February I barely remember what I had intended to do with the year. Rather than have that happen this year, I’ve decided to come up with goals for each month to keep them in mind and have a set amount of time to try to follow through on them! So, here are my goals for this month!

Learn to Weave

I have a wool wall hanging that my grandad weaved in the 80’s and I’ve always absolutely loved it, so I decided that I want to make one of my own! Since we’re already a few days into January I’ve actually already started this one so I’ll be sure to share my progress at some point!

Try out Screen Printing

I’ve always wanted to give screen printing a go, it looks like a lot of fun and there are a lot of different ways to use it. Plus I’ve seen some great DIY screen printing videos floating about and am pretty sure I already have everything I’d need!

Write four songs

I tend to write more than this in a month, but I also have those months where I barely write anything so I feel that setting a minimum means I’ll write a bit more consistently!

Make more zines

I made quite a few zines in the latter months of last year but found myself not being 100% happy with them and I definitely feel I can do better than I did, so I want to give zines a go and try remaking the ones I’ve done while also hopefully making or starting a couple of new ones!

So they’re the things I want to try this month! Had I been making normal new year resolutions, one of them would have been ‘be more creative’ so I’m really looking forward to getting started with learning some new ways to craft! Have you made any new year resolutions? What are they and how are you planning to stick to them?



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