Jamberry Nail Wraps Review!

I was on Facebook just before Christmas moaning about how crappy my nails looked, as you do, when the lovely Kate messaged me offering to send me a couple of sheets of Jamberry nail wraps to give a try. Just as a disclaimer, although she was lovely enough to send them to me for free this is not sponsored in anyway, she didn’t even know I had a blog at the time, and this is just 100% my own honest opinion. So, let’s get into it!

Please ignore how awful my hands and cuticles look, that’s what working as a shelf stocker does to you! Ignoring that and talking about the nail wraps though, don’t they look fab?! They are easy to apply, I just used a hair dryer to heat them and then applied them as per the instructions. I did make the mistake of using nail wraps slightly too big for my nails despite the warnings not to, but even so these nails lasted me nine days! They’re advertised as lasting up to two weeks when applied properly so I’m pretty impressed that I messed up and still had it last that long.

There are lots and lots of other beautiful designs available and I’ll definitely be trying more of them in future! They are also very importantly vegan and not damaging to your nails! I waited until they had all started to peel and then just rubbed coconut oil all over my fingers. They peeled off really easily and didn’t leave any sort of residue or marks on my nails.

They also helped me grow my nails! They’re currently the longest they’ve been in years and it’s all thanks to these wraps. Chewing your nails while wearing these means you get tiny strips of plastic in your mouth plus you feel it tugging at your whole nail, so if you tend to nibble without noticing like me it makes you super aware you’re doing it.

If you want to give these a go you can purchase them from Kate, who is absolutely lovely, here and you can find her vip Facebook group here. They have my full recommendation, I love them and will for sure be purchasing them in future. They give a really professional look with minimal effort and at around Β£15 per sheet of wraps it’s definitely cheaper than going to a salon!



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