My 2019 Bullet Journal!

If you’ve been here a while you’ll know I’ve tried bullet journaling a few times and not really had it work for me, but with the new year comes new attempts! I’ve actually managed to keep it up so far and am finding it really good to keep up to date on bits and pieces I need to do.

I’ve started with keeping it simple, I’ve tried mood trackers and and habit checkers and all sorts in the past and I’m finding it a lot easier to just have a few goals and ‘things to do over the month’ as you can see above and then having each day very simply laid out below each other going across the page.

I’ve also given up on trying to make it look pretty or have nice handwriting, I feel like trying to make it look nice made it a bit of a daunting daily activity. It may not be pretty but I do like the way it looks and it’s way more ‘me’ than cursive and flowers are!

Keeping my ‘bullet points’ simple has really helped me to keep up too. I have a triangle for things to do in the house, a circle for creative things like yoga or crafts, a square for anything digital and when I eventually get more work shifts from the agency I’m with they’ll go in with an exclamation point.

For the first few days I was drawing a little representation of the weather each day but I gave that up quickly. It’s January in England, it’s either raining or cloudy. One thing I’ve really liked is the section I’ve called ‘mix tape’ to keep those 90’s vibes, every time I notice myself listening to a song a lot I just scribble down the name of it and the artist.

I feel like at the end of each year I totally forget what I’ve been listening to through it, and as a musician it’s something I’d like to be able to keep note of!

I’ll be sure to post an update on how I’ve done with my bullet journal at the end of the month, but at the minute I really do think I’ll actually manage to keep up with this one! Do you have any tips or tricks you’ve figured out work for you? I’d love to hear them in the comments!



2 thoughts on “My 2019 Bullet Journal!

  1. I’m glad to hear you tried keeping up with your bullet journal again, I hope you ended up using it throughout the year! I love the pop up lil’ drawing on your page, last year I kept my bujo much more minimal, but I think this year I’ll go back to more fun style of spreads. Great post xxx

    Melina |


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