Bullet Journal Update + February Layout

I did it! I actually kept up with a bullet journal for an entire month, and found it useful! It’s taken me a lot of trial and error but I feel like I’ve finally got it pretty much figured out. I’m sure some things will change in the coming months, but for now I’ve stuck with having a kind of fancy month nameplate thing, a section for monthly goals, a section to write what songs and musicians I’m enjoying through the month and keeping the layout for each day super simple like you can see below!

It’s taken me some time, that’s for sure, but I’m finding that having a bullet journal is really helping me keep more organised and achieve more each day. One of my goals this month is to practice more ‘self care’, both the type you do everyday like thinking kinder of yourself and putting more effort into pushing myself to do thing I otherwise wouldn’t do due to mental health as well as the ‘cute’ self care that I both to write in like having a really fancy bath or doing my nails. Keeping bits like that in there has encouraged me to actually do it for the satisfaction of both having done it and getting to tick it off a physical list. I am still struggling a lot with my mental health at the moment admittedly, but I feel like I’m making an effort to combat it all the same.

I’ve also been better at knowing when I’m in work or have an appointment to keep, which has helped somewhat with my anxiety because I know when I have something coming up for sure rather than attempting to just remember dates and times. I’m honestly a bit pathetically proud of myself for finally being a real adult and not forgetting or being late to appointments and work and all that.

I’ll keep you all updated as we progress through the year, but at the moment I’m enjoying and keeping up with my bullet journal and I’m happy about that! Any tips will always be appreciated though, so if you have any be sure to leave me a comment!



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