I’m Back!

So, it’s been a while! It’s been way, way too long since I’ve posted on here and I thought I’d talk a bit about why that is rather than just jumping straight back to usual content as though I didn’t just disappear for a bit.

I put up a post a while back about my new job, and I’m still here! I’m getting more and more stuck in and enjoying every second of it. I never thought I’d get to have a job that I look forward to doing every day, but here we are! Unfortunately though, despite adoring my job, it has made my anxiety go absolutely through the roof.

Before starting this job, if my anxiety was high I’d spend a day doing some self care or scheduling a few blog posts and get myself sorted. Now, I have 2 days a week I’m not in work and I spend those two day anxious af about having to go back to work. I know I should sort blog stuff when I get home, but by then I’m tired and relieved to be home so I haven’t been.

I know it seems silly to be anxious about coming to work when it’s a job I like and with people I enjoy being around, but unfortunately that’s just how anxiety works for me. It’s sucky big time, especially because having anxiety was a big reason I stared my blog, it worked great as a distraction and something I could be proud of, and now it seems to be the reason my blog is dying.

I won’t let it fully die though!!! I’ve gotten so much satisfaction, happiness, self confidence and more from writing on this blog over the years and I intend to allow it to grow with me rather than leave it to be lost at the side. God knows what type of content I’ll be putting up, but I promise it’ll be stuff I’m proud of and have worked hard on like it always has been.



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