Tips for Travelling with Anxiety!

I recently went on a trip to Turkey and though it was amazing, the actual travelling was probably the most anxiety inducing situation I’ve ever been in. Luckily, I’d made a few preparations to try to make it as comfortable an experience as possible and though it wasn’t a breeze, it was easier than it could have been!

Sort your luggage

This sounds obvious, but I mean sort it for your anxiety. I get super anxious about losing things, especially important things like passports and visas so I bought a bag to use as hand luggage months ago and have been using it so I’m 100% used to and comfortable with it. I know nothing will fall out at any point and I chose one with front pockets so that I can do the ‘tap check’ quickly when ever I need reassurance that it’s there. Everything important, phone and wallet included, I put in pockets either on me or in my bag so I didn’t need to open anything or search anywhere to make sure nothing had been lost or forgotten.

Take distractions

My hand luggage was pretty empty heading out, I made sure I had a long and interesting book, a notebook and pens, earphones and a power bank. I downloaded a variety of stuff on Netflix to make sure I’d have something for any mood I was in and I was good to go. It’s much easier to deal with the bustle of the airport or general stress of a plane (or any other transport!) if you’re not having to focus on it constantly.

Take pictures of EVERYTHING you own

Anything important that could get lost, take pictures of it. Your luggage, wallet, passport, visa, literally all of it. If it gets lost I’m not 100% sure what good a picture can do but it made me feel a lot better. At least if the worst had happened I knew I had proof that I had had those things in my possession and had clearly just lost them, or I could show what my luggage looked like were it lost.

Know your route and times

I always feel significantly better if I’m sure of where I need to be and at what time right off the top of my head. I want absolutely no chance of missing a train or plane due to anything I can prevent and I appreciate knowing at what time the whole ordeal is finally going to be over.

Breathe, smile and leave early

Breathing is good for you for obvious reasons, it’s easier to tackle the world with a smile however forced and I’d always rather be an hour early than five minutes late. Where ever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, leave early so you have plenty of time to take it easy and travel with as little stress as possible. Have a cuppa somewhere or grab a sandwich at a cute cafe and let yourself just have the extra time to look after yourself and keep yourself calm and the whole ordeal will be over before you know it.



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