Doughmain Wirral Review!

A couple of weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a page suggestion for Doughmain Wirral, a place in Birkenhead that makes vegan (!!!) cakes and doughnuts inspired by the 90’s and 00’s. If that isn’t a place made for me I don’t know what is, I’m not sure I’ve wanted anything more than to work at a video shop and eat school cake for pudding after lunch.

So I scrolled through their Instagram for a bit, practically drooling, and firmly resolved to pay them a visit as soon as possible. That day was today! Well, yesterday when you’re reading this. I’m not a big fan of visiting Birkenhead but this time I decided it would be worth it and it most definitely was!

I got a rose and pistachio doughnut, a rainbow sprinkles doughnut, a slice of classic school cake and this imported pac-man energy drink which was fun but a bit pricey, as imported snack things usually are.

The rose and pistachio was my favourite, but it was close because they are all so so so delicious. These are two of my favourite flavours at the minute since I mostly snacked on rose Turkish delight and salted pistachios while I was on holiday so I adored this. The rose flavoured frosting is super sweet without being too sweet and really compliments the slightly salted pistachios on top.

The classic school cake was very nearly my favourite, it’s EXACTLY like school cake was. I shared some of it with my mum who used to be a dinner lady and even she said it’s exactly like it, which is the true seal of approval really isn’t it? It’s light and fluffy, the icing is that exact weird but brilliant texture it was in primary school and all the flavours are exactly how I remember it being, plus it was a really massive slice for only £3!

The rainbow sprinkle doughnut might be my least favourite of the three I tried but I in no way disliked it and would 100% get it again. Both doughnuts were perfect. Genuinely just perfect, soft and fluffy on the inside and slightly chewy with a beautifully golden slightly resistant outside and delicious icing sliding down the sides and into the hole.

If you’re in the area, you need to get to Doughmain as soon as you can, if you’re not in the area I’d honestly advise you plan a trip here just for Doughmain. They’re well priced (£3 for a generous slice of cake or a doughnut, £8.50 for three doughnuts and assorted prices for the drinks. Not the cheapest in the world maybe but I’d say it’s cheap for the size of the goods, the fact that they’re vegan and, like I’ve said a million times, absolutely delicious. You can find Doughmain on Facebook and Instagram and they’re located in Birkenhead market!



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