Manic Panic Dye Review!

I’ve been dying my hair blue on and off (when I can afford it) for a couple of years now and although I’ve always liked having blue hair, it’s never been quite the shade I want…until now! I found Manic Panic a bit harder to find than a lot of dye so it’s taken me a while to get on to it, especially considering dying my hair is usually a pretty spur of the moment decision! I thought now I’ve finally got it I’d do a little review and let you all know my experience with it!

I always like to mix dyes and make my own colour when possible, so I got atomic turquoise and Atlantic blue and mixed them together with a little bit of conditioner. This was just enough to evenly coat my hair, but it was a bit of a struggle and I’ll definitely be adding a little more conditioner next time.

It was a nice texture to apply and it didn’t have a particularly strong smell, the darkness of the dye did put me a little on edge though! I did line my neck and everything with Vaseline but I’m messy so I still managed to get dye all over the place but it wiped off skin really easily with a little bit of nail polish remover.

Once all my hair was covered I realised I needed to get onto BBC I Player to watch the Foo’s live at reading so I probably left it in for a good three hours or so! After rinsing my hair thoroughly with cool water I had to give my bath a really good scrub to make sure it wasn’t going to be stained blue, and it looked a bit touch and go for a minute but I did eventually get my tub back to white! Be careful, I think if I’d left it it definitely would have stained.

And this is how my hair turned out! It’s always a bit frizzy and all over the place after a wash, so don’t judge the dye for that! I wouldn’t say the dye did anything good for my hair, but I wouldn’t say it did anything damaging to it either. The colour is really vivid and even, and a week later is sticking around really nicely. I think for at least a while Manic Panic is going to be my go to dye!

I know most people seemed to get onto Manic Panic in like 2010 or something, so let me know below if you’ve used it before and what colours you used! I’m thinking I might try a new colour for Autumn!



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