Things I’m Grateful For!

I’ve been having a really crappy time with a few things in my life recently, nothing soul destroying but a few things have been getting me down, so I thought now would be the perfect time to bring back the posts I used to make about all the things I’m currently grateful for! There are lots of great things in my life too, and all the shitty ones don’t seem quite as bad if they’re not the things I focus on. Let’s get on with it!

I have a job that I really enjoy, despite barely getting paid for it. It means I have a place to spend a few days a week feeling productive and working with a small team of people that I really like.

I have a boyfriend that loves and cares for me just as strongly as I love and care for him. He treats me as an equal in every way, supports me in every weird whim I have and makes me happy just by being around.

I have lots of creative ideas at the minute, and the motivation to go through with most of them. I’m creative and resourceful and I’m proud of the things I create.

I have family that are strong, supportive and generous. They’re people I can fall back on and entirely trust, and there may not be very many of us but we stick bloody close together.

I can take the time to admire the world around me, I look at trees and flowers and bugs on the street and enjoy the things I see.

I live in a really nice house with plenty of space and I’ve been able to decorate it to turn it into a place I find beautiful and comforting. It’s a safe space where I can do anything I want to do and be happy.

I have a freezer that works! It’s a new development but I recently got a new fridge freezer that fully works (unlike my old one). My food is kept at the right temperature, and I also have delicious vegan food waiting for me!

I have friends that accept me for who I am and who I can be fully myself around, and even if we haven’t seen each other for months we sink right back in as though no time has passed at all. They’re kind, funny and people that feel worth spending time with.

Finally, I’m really grateful for my guitar! I’m grateful for the skill I already have to play it and that I have so many different options I can take to learn more, and that I’m in a position where I get to own it at all!

I’d love to hear from anyone reading just one or two (or more!) things you’re grateful for! For me, writing this has definitely lifted my mood a bit for the day so maybe it’ll help you to be more positive too.



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