How I Decorate!

I always loved decorating and redecorating my room as a teenager, and I was lucky enough to have parents that let me pretty much do what I wanted to it, so I think I was always going to go all out once I had my own place. I’ve always gone for a sort of low budget, DIY, cluttered-but-cosy kind of look, or at least attempted it, and I can proudly say I’ve had a fair few compliments on my decor from visitors! Here’s a little showcase of some of the ways I’ve chosen to decorate my home!

I’m by no means a fantastic artist, but I love painting stuff to go around the house. The ones you see above are some of the more abstract ones I’ve done and personally, I really love them. Even if you’ve never really cared for painting before, having your own art up in your home adds a creative and quirky feel to any home. If you’re really not one for painting, you could try doing some Matisse style cut outs or some collages instead! Why not a giant drawing? I also have that area you can see to the left in the picture above, other than the David Duchovny poster and gig tickets they’re all random posters and papers that came in the records at the bottom! I love decorating with posters, and I can see why some people wouldn’t like it or might think it looks a bit immature, but it makes me happy. I also really like putting up tickets to any gigs I go to, it’s a nice way to keep that memory around!

I love having photos around and I think really add a nicely personal touch to a room. I also have more music stuff displayed above, a guitar pick from Cheap Tricks guitarist Rick Nielsen and my signed Chris Shiflett vinyl. I don’t have much special music merch so those two things are two of my absolute favourite things I own, and I think it’s really important to find a way to display the things you truly appreciate owning. As you can see from the Lannister banner in the picture above I also really enjoy displaying the ‘fandoms’ I’m in. I’m not as much of a hardcore fan of things as I used to be, but there are still a lot of movies and shows I really love and like to show my love for.

In the picture above you can see I’ve used a mirror to reflect both the cool colour changing light we have on the TV and one of my cute lil plants, and I also have a few colourful hangy down things and a hanging word garland. I got the garland from Claus Olsen for super cheap and of course had to bring a bit of X-Files to the room. Having the colour hanging down means a little bit of colour goes a long way to brightening up that wall, and I’ve got a few fun cushions on the chair to add some more personality.

So that’s how I’ve ended up decorating my living room for the moment! I try to change it up fairly often and am hoping to make a few cool additions soon, so I’ll keep you updated!



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