Check out my music!

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll probably know that I occasionally post some of the music I make to YouTube, I’m pretty rubbish at uploading regularly but I’m trying again! I’m hoping to upload at least once a week, maybe more, and I’ve already managed to get two songs up this week if you fancy checking the most recent out here!

I get super nervous posting my music, but I’m proud of it. I didn’t write any of it for other people, so why should it matter if other people like it? My music matter to me and that should always be enough. Sure, it’d be super bloody cool if other people did like it, but as long as I like it that should be enough. And I do. I’ve written a fair few songs lately that I’m really proud of and like, and I’m going to share them with the world and see what people think without getting too caught up in what they think.

So it’s just a short post today to promote my music, sorry but it had to be done! I hope you do like it if you check it out, I know I’m not the most amazing performer but I hope you can enjoy the song, that’s the bit I care about!



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