5 Small Things that Make me Happy

When I’m feeling down, I try to focus extra hard on the things that make me happy, and what better way to do that than by sitting down with a coffee and writing about some of those things?! The little moments of joy are the ones that are most important, and they’re what I’m keeping in the forefront of my brain for today.

Perhaps the strangest and most random thing on this list is the one I’m putting first, but seeing the Magical Mystery Tour bus while I’m just out and about doing my normal daily life stuff gives me a special kind of happiness! I’ve been such a huge Beatles fan for so long, seeing essentially a giant piece of band merch go past while I’m waiting for my painfully ordinary bus or walking to work always manages to put a smile on my face.

Who would I even be if cats weren’t on this list? I’m lucky enough to have quite a few cats in my life between my own two, my mums one and my aunts many and I love them all. They’re all such sweet little babies and whether it’s my own cats coming to see me when I get through the front door, my families pets when I go to visit or the odd fur ball that comes to me in the street, they all add an extra bit of happiness to my life.

I’ve been doing a lot of drawings like the one you see above lately and I’ve been really enjoying just not worrying and letting them turn out how they turn out. This is less of the obvious type of happiness like the others in this post and more and lovely place of contentment, but it makes me happy to be in that headspace so I’m counting it!

Alanhiss is a great snake, she’s only bitten me once! I’ve seen people say snakes don’t show any emotion and can’t be affectionate but I totally disagree. Handling my snake really makes me happy, she’s a lovely little things and can be quite funny, and I think she’s a lovely little addition to both my family and the things I have in my life that make me happy!

Last but certainly not least, my Rick Nielsen pick! I’m a huge Cheap Trick fan and was super bummed that I couldn’t afford to go see them when they opened for Def Leppard in Liverpool a while ago. Luckily for my my boyfriends partner got to see them and caught a pick! He’s not enough of a fan to care much about it and because I care a lot he let me have it, and as you can see it has absolute pride of place! Every time I glance over at it I feel a bit happier and I feel absolutely blessed to have it in my possession, which might be a bit over dramatic but it’s true!

I’d love if you shared some of the little things that make you happy in the comments below!



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