My Paintings and Synesthesia Explained!

I’ve recently decided I’m going to start trying to sell some of my paintings soon, not because I particularly want to but because I paint quite a lot and I’m really starting to run out of places I can store anything. I know you’re not really supposed to explain art, but I think when there’s a specific context behind it it’s okay right? And anyway, I’m not really explaining my paintings as much as the process behind it!

So, getting into it, I have synesthesia! It’s pretty mild and kind of specific. When I listen to music I’m able to see a sort of ‘cloudscape’ as I call it in my minds eye. I thought this happened for everyone until I was about 15 and tried to talk about it to a group of friends only for them to be confused, leading me to look into it a bit more and find out what it is. I also have a few other weird synesthesia related things, but this is the only one that plays into my art!

Each song has a different cloudscape. Some are more simple or complicated, bright or dark etc. but the basics is that it looks a lot like looking down at the clouds from a plane, but there’s no sky or breaks. Just all these ‘clouds’ that have a consistency between smoke and the ones you see in the sky. They all swirl and blend together a bit like those apps you see advertised on Facebook that can make pictures look like they’re moving while having it still start and end at the same place. I don’t know if that makes a lot of sense!

Some songs have lots of colours and move very fast, others only have one or two and move really slowly. So far the ones I’m thinking I’m going to sell are Wheels and Something from Nothing by Foo Fighters, Lovebuzz by Nirvana and Sasquatch by Giants in the Trees, so if you like any of those songs or the paintings below feel free to message me on Twitter or Instagram about buying one!

I really love doing these paintings, and I’ll continue doing them whether they sell or not, but it’d be really nice to make some money from my art! I’d also love to eventually take commissions to paint people’s favourite songs or something, doesn’t that sound cool?! Anyway, I’m not sure how well I managed to explain anything here but I’ve tried my best and I hope you’ve at least enjoyed the read!



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