Things I’m Grateful For!

That’s right folks, it’s that time again! Whenever crappy things happen now, I want to do a post like this to stay in a positive mindset moving forward. Staying upbeat and as content with life as possible is important and writing lists like this one really helps me stay in that good place, so let’s get on with it!

I’m grateful, like always, to have a loving and respectful boyfriend. I’m grateful that he’s grown with me and continued to make me feel lucky to have him for almost six years now, with no breaks and mostly only minor arguments! Especially the last year or so our relationship and having him as a person in my life has been something I’ve felt especially grateful for, though I’ve loved and adored him for all those years!

I’m grateful to have friends that understand and appreciate me in a way few ever have before. Over the last few months I’ve gained the most creative and talented friends I’ve ever had, I’m constantly amazed by their talent and encouragement towards my own creative endeavours! I’m so grateful to have escaped from friends that lied, bickered and were just generally shit and I’m so grateful to have the group of people I spend time around now such open, honest and uncompetitive people.

I’m grateful to be able to recognise when someone’s own issues are pushing them to want to hurt or be ‘better’ than me, and I’m grateful that I’m able to approach that without it affecting me in anyway. I’m grateful for the confidence I have in myself as a person that allows peoples opinions to only matter when they come from people I respect and trust to be truthful.

I’m grateful for the people that put super cool stuff like Nirvana cassette tapes and 80’s picture slider projectors in charity shops to be priced within my budget and I’m grateful that I’m able to buy cool stuff like that from a place where the money will (hopefully, to some degree) get to a charity while also essentially recycling.

I’m grateful that I have so much motivation lately to create more art and music and also share that with the little corner of the internet that ends up seeing it. I’m grateful that I’ve gained the confidence to be able to share these things online without huge amounts of anxiety too!

I’m super grateful for my mum giving me a lift to Tesco for soy milk earlier when it was pouring with rain, and I’m grateful that I’m able to go to the shop easily to simply buy things I need.

Finally, I’m grateful for the lentil and vegetable soup and tiger bread I’m gonna go and make for my tea once I’ve posted this! What have you been grateful for lately?



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