Autumn Goals!

I’m not sure if it’s technically come into autumn or not yet, but these last few rainy days have definitely made me feel like it has! We’re coming up to the final 90 days of 2019 so now feels like an especially good time to think about what I want to complete before the end of this year, let’s get into it.

New types of painting

I’ve recently tried doing a few more realistic paintings rather than the abstract stuff I’m most comfortable with, and to my surprise I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m not amazing by any means but I’m proud of how much I’ve been able to progress and I’m really happy with how my paintings have turned out. I’m thinking in the next few months I’d like to try doing some still life and landscape paintings, and maybe something else a little more fun and free form! I’m sure I’ll keep you updated with anything I try out!

Do some decluttering

Over the last year or so I’ve hugely downsized the amount of general items I own, but I’m yet to touch the kitchen and a couple of other little nooks. I think it’s about time I got to it and really sorted out what I own to be able to actually use the space I have. I’ve been intending to do this for a while and I definitely want to get it done before Christmas.

Write more

I’ve already started doing a touch of planning for nanowrimo and I’ve been blogging a lot more regularly for a little while now so I’m already doing a pretty good job for my own standards on that front, but with nanowrimo actually coming up now I’m gonna have to really knuckle down to some heavy writing.

I’m really looking forward to it honestly though. I’ve managed to get a desk into a room in my house that has a gorgeous view over all the houses to the Mersey, the Wirral and a few Welsh mountains, so I have a fantastic place to sit and comfortable write, and if all the rain we’ve been having continues it’s guaranteed to be soooo cosy!

Go for more walks

I do a fair bit of walking day to day in general since I don’t drive, but it’s been a little while since I was in the routine of going to nicer places than just local streets just to go for a walk. I’ve always enjoyed walking through the woods or along the river and it’s really something I need to start remembering to do!

Create more fashion focussed content!

I’m a big fan of using fashion to express myself while also staying comfy and I’d love to share more about how I enjoy styling different pieces and what sort of looks I aim for, and I hope you’d all enjoy that too! I’d also love to share a few upcycle type DIY’s since I so often customise my clothes and usually manage to receive some compliments!

Well, there are a bunch of hints about what kind of content you can expect to see on my blog in the coming months! Do you have any goals to get focused on as we come into this final leg of the year? I’d love to hear about them below!



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